Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Week

Caleb had a few funny instances this last week.
1. Derrick took Caleb to the court of honor he was helping with. Derrick brought the ipad so Caleb could watch A Bug's Life during the slower parts of the ceremony (with headphones of course). In the middle of the ceremony Caleb yells out, "We are the grasshoppers. Where's our food!" Caleb also loves to clap when they clap in the movie, Derrick had to stop him from clapping too.
2. One morning I told Caleb we were going to the library that day. A little later Brynn was crying. Caleb goes up to her and says, "Brynn we're going to the library today. Does that make you happy?"
We ask Caleb what he is thankful for and explain we are thankful for things that make us happy. Then we have him try to list things that make him happy. I think that is partially why he asked Brynn if that makes her happy.
3. First the quote then the explanation:
Me: Caleb, what is a covenant?
Caleb: When you clean your room and eat broccoli.
Five minutes before this conversation Caleb saw a rock on the table. He asked about it, I told him it was part of my lesson for Sunday with the primary kids. He looked confused so I told him I was going to write the word "covenant" on it. I then told him a covenant is a promise, like when you promise to clean your room, you do it. Or when you promise to eat your broccoli, you eat it. Hence, his definition of covenant.
4. I heard Caleb singing and I snuck in to record it:

And what's a post without a picture of Brynn? Unfortunately, she has been a little sick. Runny nose throughout the week and a 103 fever today--nothing a little Tylenol didn't fix. We're hoping she wakes up better tomorrow because we are heading down to St. George for the whole week.

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