Sunday, June 24, 2012

Potty and Misc

First off, potty training. Caleb picked it up quickly and effortlessly. Ever since he realized he could do it, he took all the initiative. He goes to the bathroom all on his own without telling me he needs to. He goes in public bathrooms and he doesn't go when he sleeps. He will even get up at night or in the morning, use the potty, then go back in his room and close the door. Angel, I know.
In our nursery room at church they have a bathroom with a tiny toliet. When I picked up Caleb from nursery today the leaders told me he went in the bathroom 3 times on his own, they peeked to make sure he was ok, and sure enough, he was doing his business.
His one slip up was when we were watching an america's funniest home videos on youtube about cats. He was sitting on my lap and he laughed so hard he peed his pants. Haha!
Non potty related, yesterday Derrick and I were measuring the side of our yard. Derrick runs in the house to grab paper and pen to write measurements down. Caleb picked up the measuring tape, pulled it out to his arms length and said, "55. Is that good?" I told him it was good.
Yesterday we deep cleaned our kitchen while the kids napped. We were still finishing up when they woke up. They had fun with it:

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