Friday, June 15, 2012


Brynn is learning new words like crazy. Derrick and I left this last week to be leaders at youth conference and I was missing hearing Brynn's voice since she was just starting to use it so much. Her favorite words are animal noises, she knows: ba, neigh, oink, moo, cheep, quack. She also says: keys, oops, bro bro (brother),yellow. And she pretty much can repeat most sounds we say. Here are a few:

 Caleb is learning to use the potty. He has accidents but he usually knows when he needs to go or he will want to go just so he can get a treat. Anyways, when we first started teaching him to go on the potty we had a Lego fire station set as a reward for when he went on the potty 10 times. One night when he was going to bed he had gone 9 times. The next morning he woke up and was yelling, "Mommy and Daddy, Mommy and Daddy." I went in and he said, "I need to go potty." I put him down and I think he went everything from the whole night. He knew he wanted that prize and held it in until he could go on the potty.
Caleb and I built a little house with the Legos, then he kept on stacking the Legos up high. When he was done he told me it was the temple. He even pointed to the fire hydrant and said that was Angel Moroni. So sweet!

A story from this week is this: On Sunday Derrick was feeding Caleb his dinner. Caleb didn't like it so he spit it out, on Derrick suit pants. We dropped it off on Monday at the dry cleaners. Today when we went to pick it up Caleb said to me, "Daddy's suit is all clean so he can wear it to church?" I told him it was. He said, "I won't spit my food on it again." That melted my heart. We never scolded him but I did tell him we had to get it cleaned because he spit his food on it. He totally understood what was going on and I think he really did feel sorry.
Another story from last week: Derrick was starting to do patch-work on our grass. Caleb saw that Derrick was pulling out dead grass and all on his own he found a bucket and started putting the dead grass in it. We think that was the first time Caleb actually helped when he tried to help us.

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