Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Story Time

1.This morning Caleb and I had a cute conversation:
Caleb: Get big, Mommy and Daddy
Me: Yes, one day you are going to get big like Mommy and Daddy
Caleb: Caleb drive car
Me: Yes, when you are big you will drive a car
Caleb points up to our picture of the temple and says: Drive to the temple
Me, while Caleb is making a motion as if he is steering the wheel: Yes, you will be able to drive to the temple and go in when you get bigger.
This was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard him say. I feel good that we have already instilled in him the importance of going to the temple and that he wants to!
2. While at our church Christmas party, Scottie, Caleb's friend from next door, see me and asks, "Where's Caleb?" I point to Caleb and Scottie runs over to where Caleb is. I love that Caleb has a little friend. Too cute!
3. Yesterday Caleb called 911 for the first time. He was playing with an app on my phone and the next thing I know Caleb says, "The phone is making funny noises." I look down to find 911 on the line. They tell me who they are and I tell them we're fine. That was embarrassing. Afterward I explained to Caleb that we don't press the "Emergency Call" button on my phone and we only use it if there is trouble. He asks, "What is trouble?" I told him if mommy or daddy are really hurt, that is trouble. Who knows, maybe he will remember that if something ever does come up.
4. We tell Caleb to not go pee pee in the bath, since he has done that on a number of occasions. One day I told him I was going to take a shower and Caleb says, "Mommy, no pee pee in shower." I told him he was right.
5. Caleb will pick up his play cell phone and say, "Derrick." This is imitating me of course. He will also call out "Danielle" or "Derrick" if he hears one of us say it.
6. Caleb is picking up on a phrase I say all the time to him. "Just a minute." He says it when he wants to procrastinate something.

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