Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Boy did Caleb love Halloween. On Halloween day we had Caleb draw on his pumpkin. As I was putting it back out on the porch I told Caleb, "We'll put it here so the kids can see it." When the first trick-or-treaters were walking away Caleb asked me, "Kids see pumpkin?" I told him they did and they loved it. He was so proud of his pumpkin (the only thing I drew on the face was the tongue because Caleb asked me to). Can you see the eyes, nose, mouth and hair?

Derrick took Caleb trick-or-treating. After almost every house Caleb would ask politely, "Go get more candy?" He was so excited and held his bag open and ready the whole time.
Once, Caleb was behind a pack of kids who all got one piece of candy. Then when he got up there the lady told him he was so cute she would give him extra candy and she did.

Caleb showing off his costume:

We also had a church party with soup and trunk-or-treating. Caleb loved that too he mostly played on the grass with some other boys and then I took him around to get candy. He was so sweet. He says both trick-or-treat and thank you afterward.

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Yukiko said...

Your kids are so precious. Cute costumes!!