Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Matching Skirts

I found out how to make this skirt on pinterest and since I had a little extra fabric I made one for Brynn too. I think it looks cuter on her than on me so that is why I pictured her first. I think when Brynn grows out of that one I'll have to make another because it's just too darn adorable!


Yukiko said...

Those are too cute! Can you make a link to the site where you found the instructions?

Danielle said...

Here's the link:

The only thing I add is this: after you sew up the side seams, sew together all the ruffles. It looked funny without sewing them together but maybe she sewed them into the side seams. I'm not sure how that would look though since I didn't do that.

Yukiko said...

Thanks! Can't wait to make it... once I lose the baby weight next year.