Friday, December 16, 2011

Vacation and Sickness

Our San Diego vacation had it's pros and cons. Here's the story:
Friday afternoon we get into the Long Beach airport. We spend the night in Huntington Beach with my grandparents. I got to visit with my favorite cousin from the moment she was born, Jodie. I loved hearing more about her wedding plans and just talking to her! My grandparents loved Brynn. It was their first time meeting her. She would just sit in their laps so comfortably. It was very cute.
Saturday morning we drove to El Cajon. Had pizza for lunch, grandparents drove back home. We went to my parent's church Christmas party, ate food, saw Santa and watched a small performance by the primary kids.
Sunday was church and we watched 17 Miracles that night. Monday morning rolls around and, since it was raining, we went to the air museum at Gillespie Field, I have lived about a mile from that place my whole life and never knew there was a museum there. We found this cute little airplane for Caleb to get in. It had pedals so you could ride it like a bike.

Then we went to Parkway Plaza. I bought two outfits for Brynn and Caleb went on a few rides:

We got Yogurt Mill for lunch and after that I got a stomach virus. I wanted to die! I had that bad for one day, Derrick got it, Brynn got it, my dad got a mild form of it and I heard Andrew got it after we left. It was so awful, even after the stomach sickness was gone, you feel weak and have head aches for another day or two. My mother took care of both children and all the sick people. To my angel mother, thank you!
Wednesday morning the rain was gone and we felt well enough to take Caleb to the park for 2 hours. He loves being outside. Then after lunch we drove back to Huntington Beach, saw some Christmas lights and went out to dinner.
It wasn't the vacation we hoped for but at least I didn't have to take care of my children while I was sick.

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