Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Mark and Mary's house. Kevin, Mary, Lily and baby Sammuel were there too.

The food was delicious!

Caleb and Lily had so much fun together. They played in this room for a long time. Caleb couldn't do as much as Lily but that didn't stop him from trying or getting our help.

Whenever Caleb sees this picture he says, "Lil Lil."

Here's the pumpkin cake I decorated for dessert:

On Friday we drove to the temple. I went in while Derrick walked around the grounds with Caleb. Caleb loved the fountain and videos in the visitor's center. Caleb could have stayed there all day. On our way back we stopped at a mall to pick up some Christmas gifts. In Sports Authority, Caleb found the row of basketballs, footballs and soccer balls. We literally had to pick him up to get him to leave, he cried the whole way back to the car.
That evening we went to Rite Aid and got a 3' fake Christmas tree and lights. I really wanted just a small tree and Derrick, after a little begging, gave his approval. Caleb loves the lights and I am so excited to have a taste of Christmas in our house.

Also, after showing Caleb one or two times the picture of our ultrasound and telling him it was his sister, he now knows it's "siseh"

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