Monday, November 1, 2010


We had two Halloween parties on Friday and I am convinced that Halloween is Caleb's favorite holiday. Caleb was a scarecrow, I was a farm girl and Derrick was a stock of corn.

There was a person in a dog costume and we are certain Caleb thought it was a real dog. He was in love with this dog:

Another funny thing that happened (which I wish we had on camera) was that I saw a two or three year old dressed up in a head to toe Elmo costume--hood and all with the eyes and nose on top of the kid's head. I knelt down and told Caleb, "Look it's Elmo." The second his eyes found Elmo he went running up to the boy, whose back was to us. When Caleb gets right up to him he's practically touching the boy as he circles around him to look right into his face. Caleb thought this was the real Elmo and he was ecstatic.

There was also a bouncy house there but it was always filled with big kids so we just held Caleb while standing next to the structure and we bounced up and down. He was smiling the entire time and he really felt like he was in there too. At one point a little girl came up to him from the inside and put her hands on the netting and let Caleb tap her hands. I always love it when kids older than Caleb make an effort to play with him because it makes him so happy.

We ate popcorn while we waited in line to get balloon swords. Caleb was going around grabbing every other kid's balloon, so we had to get one too.

After the work party we went to our church party. We ate food, talked to friends and did a little trunk or treating. Caleb quickly got the hang of reaching out his hand to take the candy and put it in his sack. We only let him get like 7 pieces or so but he loved it and ate a fun size bag of m&m's on the way home.
I made some yummy pumpkin cake for the party and decorated it like this:

With the extra pumpkin puree I had left we made pumpkin pancakes the next morning and they were the most amazing pancakes I have ever had. We used this recipe, in case you ever want to try them. I will certainly be making them again!


Yukiko said...

1- I saw you at the ward party, but neglected to tell you how cute you all looked.

2- I was wondering who did that pumpkin cake. It was so cute! Super yummy, too!

3- Congrats on your pregnancy! That's so exciting! Caleb's gonna be such a great big brother.

Angie said...

I can't wait to try out that pumpkin pancake recipe. I checked it out and it looks soooo good! Thanks.