Friday, November 19, 2010


Yesterday morning Caleb was a wreck. Unless we were outside he couldn't stay calm. Around 10am I laid down with him on the living room floor, his head on my arm, and I sang to him while stroking his hair. He eventually stopped crying and his eyes started to get droopy. After 5 minutes he was out. I was able to slide my arm out from under his head and he slept like this for a half hour:

I was at the computer with my back to him and when he woke up, he sat up, I turned around and he said, "Hi" with a slightly sleepy face and a smile. He has never slept on the floor like that before.
I also wanted to get a picture of our bedtime routine. Derrick or I will sit in the rocking chair and read Caleb books, then we turn off the lights and sing him a few songs. Precious moments.

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