Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crazy Boy

There is nothing to compare to the energy level Caleb had on Sunday evening. It was crazy even for Caleb standards. He was running around like a mad man. At one point he did this over and over again, no less than 50 times (I am not exaggerating):

As soon as he would finish he would run back again to the first sofa and climb up. At one point I sat in the spot he used to get up and he started tugging at my dress and saying, "dow, dow" for down. I moved and he proceeded.
That night after dinner he also got up on the chair at the dinner table and started spooning the juice from our green beans into his mouth. He then started eating the beans and splashing in the juice. Then he stuck his head right in the pot and tried to get the beans that way. I tried to get a video but he wants the camera too much. So here's Caleb crying for the camera but it gives you the picture of where he was when he ate the beans:

Maybe this was all because of daylight savings time. He still is not used to it and he has been sleeping less than usual. I am hoping he gets adjusted soon.

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