Thursday, July 15, 2010


Caleb, like any other kid, wants to be and do things just like us. Here are a few of the things we've seen him do:
1. We always dump the sand out of Caleb's shoes when we get back from the park. I caught him the other day dumping out his sandless shoes but I knew what he was doing.
2. Caleb took a pen and pretended to write on the Post its. (I'm always using Post its)
3. Caleb will hand us the remote when he wants to watch tv. He knows that's what makes everything work. I'm just glad he doesn't know how to make it work yet.
4. Caleb always wants to feed himself with the spoon and he will refuse to eat until the plate is on his tray.
5. When he gets his hands dirty I taught him to wipe his hands off by brushing them off together. He is always doing this at the park when he gets sand on his hands.
6. Derrick was with Caleb at the park when a man stopped to do some stretches and exercises. He was doing squats and Caleb was watching intently. Then Caleb started doing the squats too.

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