Sunday, July 4, 2010


Friday night the three of us went camping...our first family campout! We've been so timid with Caleb (bedtime and sleeping in his crib) but now we are starting to be more adventurous. We went to Joseph Grant County Park which is south east of San Jose. We had the perfect campsite! There weren't too many people around, we had 2 picnic benches (though one of them isn't in this picture), close but not too close to the bathroom and a view of an observatory.

When we set up the tent Caleb was so excited. By the next morning he knew the word tent and was saying "teh teh" a lot.
For dinner we had tin foil dinners then smores for dessert. Caleb loved the BBQ pit. When he saw the flames go up he was attached. I told him it was hot and immediately he started blowing in the direction of the pit. I am always telling Caleb his food is hot and then I blow on it. He will then immitate my blowing even though it isn't on the food. So when I said the coals were hot he knew that meant you have to blow on it. Pure logic.
When it was time to put Caleb to bed we put a beanie on his head with the hoodie over that, he had on a long sleeve shirt, warm pants, his sleep sack and to top it off I put a pair of my socks over his hands. When I first put it on he looked at his hands and he was so confused. Derrick and I couldn't stop laughing at how funny he looked. This picture is Caleb not liking the get-up. He got used to it quickly though.
After Caleb was asleep Derrick and I played Ticket to Ride and Nines (with Rook cards). Then we saw this frog. It was huge!
Derrick is like a little boy when it comes to gross things like frogs:

That night Caleb didn't wake up once until 5:30. He was sleeping like a rock. Even when Derrick and I got into the tent, in our sleeping bags and zipped up the tent Caleb didn't move a muscle.
The next morning we did a little exploring, packed up and left. Caleb found a pepper on the ground there. He seems to have a knack for finding produce (like the orange at the beach).

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