Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

We got this cute outfit in the mail. It came all the way from Utah! There were also some cute flip flops that were like a flag but Caleb refused to wear them which was too bad because they were the cutest things!

The 4th of July, actually the 5th of July this year, we went to Golfland with our church. There was a BBQ/potluck. We had a lot of yummy food and Caleb enjoyed the water toy they had out for the kids. He kept thinking it was a drinking fountain and was always trying to drink the water. Whatever, it kept him happy for like 20 minutes!

The beginning of this video is the end of Caleb imitating a baby cry. Whenever this baby would cry, Caleb would imitate it. So funny!


Diana said...

We miss seeing you each week at church but at least I can see everyone here on your blog. Caleb is a cutie! ~Diana (the one with the same anniversary date as you) :)

Angie said...

Hazel imitates babies crying, too! I think it's so funny, but it seems like it disturbs Todd.

And I wanted to write in my comment on your other post, but forgot until it was too late, good luck on your new calling. I would be so nerve-wracked to be the primary chorister! To each their own. It sounds like you're going to be awesome at it.