Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So much, so fast

Caleb is crawling from place to place in our house here are two of his favorite spots:
The door stopper on the front door. It is fun for him to spring it.

The heater

With moving comes injury. Saturday night Caleb pulled himself to his feet on the entertainment center. He slipped and hit his mouth on the edge of the unit. He split his gums from his front tooth up until I couldn't even see it anymore. He bled for over 5 minutes. I was holding him and Derrick was putting pressure on Caleb's gums. He was fine the next day.
While crawling he has slipped a few times on the kitchen floor and face planted. He has also pinched his finger on a kitchen drawer. Discovering the world is not such an easy thing to do! But Caleb loves moving around. I have never seen him smile so much as he does now. It is so cute when he comes around a corner and sees me...his face lights up!
We gave Caleb his first haircut last night. At first he heard the buzzing noise and was turning to see the buzzer but then once Derrick started cutting Caleb held really still. I wasn't expecting that but I'll take it! His hair doesn't look baby like anymore :( He is growing up so fast!

Peek a boo!!!
Caleb has learned how to pull the towel off his face himself.

Another type of peek a boo we play is Derrick will hold Caleb and I will go around a corner and pop out in different places. Derrick says that as soon as I disappear Caleb starts shaking with excitement. When I come out he smiles and laughs.
Caleb's favorite thing to say now is, "gagagaga." He is also an expert in tongue clucking.

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