Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eating, Loving, Learning

Here's Caleb crawling onto my lap the other day. He had lots to talk about. Caleb is such a fun person to have around!

Caleb had a disgusted look on his face the first 3-4 times he bit into my apple but he kept coming back for more. Oh, and the other day I made some no bake cookies, which have peanut butter in them. Babies + PB = No no. I walked to where he was playing and sat down on the floor eating one. He crawled over very quickly and wanted some. I felt so bad I couldn't give him any.

Father and son time is great. Derrick and I love the weekends when they have more time together. They love each other a lot.

Ok so this is more of a bounce than a jump but look at that cute little body move.
We are so amazed how quickly Caleb learns.
1. I was trying to get Caleb to bite on a rubbery toy because I thought he would like it. I bit on it first and so he took the toy and what does he do? He keeps bringing it in and out near my mouth! I guess that is what I showed him.
2. Derrick was tapping pens together like drumsticks in front of Caleb. He then handed the pens to Caleb and Caleb started trying to tap them together. That was a bit of a task but he was able to do it after some practice.
3. Today at church there were about 5 steps up to the stage. I put Caleb down at the bottom, showed him how to move his legs up on one step and he was able to do the rest with very little help.
4. Caleb is now pretty steady on his feet and there are a lot less injuries than there were a week ago.

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