Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

Derrick and I had a nice Valentines Day. After lunch I opened one present from Derrick--chocolates (which I asked for). Unfortunately, Derrick's present didn't come in the mail yet so I had to show him it electronically. It's a Get Fuzzy comic book. He just finished his Calvin and Hobbs book and he was ready for another one. Derrick always reads a few comic cartoons right before he falls asleep. He always goes to bed happy that way :)

Right before we went out to dinner that night I opened another present from Derrick. A chick flick movie, Sense and Sensibility. Perfect for Valentines Day.
That night for dinner we went out to PF Changs since we had a gift certificate there from Christmas. It was yuuuuummy! We even bought a piece of their 6 layer chocolate cake to bring home for later. We just had some today and it was fabulous!

We both got dressed up. I cut Derrick's hair that morning and he wore my favorite sweater. Which we call "the money shirt." I curled my hair, wore pink and white and even put on special earrings (something I don't do enough). That night for family prayer Derrick said that we were grateful for a day to celebrate our relationship. It really was. I did think about how much I love the boy and why. What a great day!

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