Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stanford Basketball

Derrick and I went to Stanford men's basketball game vs. Washington State on Thrusday. While there, it was the first time I ever saw the mascot. It is hideous! A Christmas tree with a face. The real mascot is cardinal (the color) but it seems like the tree is the one that represents. I thought Derrick's high school mascot was bad...beet diggers (he claims he likes it). Boy am I grateful BYU is cougars. Cosmo never seemed so cool to me before.

While at the game, Derrick leaned over to me and said, "Remember the last time we were at a college basketball game?" I did. It was 2 years ago on Valentines Day. It was a BYU game. Right after that game is when we decided to start dating. I responded to Derrick, "Yep, and look where were are now." Then I patted my belly. Since that BYU basketball game my life has never been better.

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