Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is this guy kidding?

Derrick and I were laughing so hard at this we were literally crying. There's a project due on Thursday in the class Derrick TAs and some kid seriously emailed this to the staff:

4 hot Australian chicks are visiting Stanford tomorrow to see both me and one of my partners.

We are requesting an extra 24 hours of padding (for the project to be due Friday at midnight instead of Thurs) because if we were given late days in this class we would opt to exercise one of them for this.

Tomorrow we would like to spend our evening with them at EBF instead of with each other at our normal Wednesday night hangout spot in the basement of Gates.

Again, that's 4 HOT Australian chicks.

Thank you,


The professor of the class replied:

Umm... I think that's more information than we needed to know, but okay, you can have until Friday night if need be.


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