Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I thought this was so cute. Brynn had Elsa playing the guitar and singing.
  We went to a man-made beach in Herriman. The kids had a blast.

 Brynn tried to take the ride-on scooter down the stairs. I just see in her mind thinking it would be fun. We were lucky that she only got a small bruise on the side of her cheek:
 We've been riding our bikes to get shaved ice this summer. We all love this new tradition!
 Andrew has been visiting us. One time we went to Scheels, rode the ferris wheel, played the shooting game and walked all around the store.

 We also went to temple square with Andrew and Jenna. We had fun

  • Brynn has been getting a lot of mosquito bites. During sacrament meeting she told me her shoe hurt. She had a huge welt around her ankle. I took off her shoes and she went barefoot for the next 2 hours at church.
  •  Talia's favorite word is "hot". She definitely knows the meaning of it. She knows the stove and oven are hot, that smoke is hot and that food and water can be hot. Once she saw someone smoking and when they let out a puff she said, "hot". Luckily they didn't hear but it was still funny.
  • Talia loves riding in the bike trailer. When she sees us getting ready to go, she goes over to the trailer, sits in it and stays put until we leave. It is sweet how much she loves it.

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