Monday, August 24, 2015

Outdoors, 1st Day of 1st Grade

Derrick took Caleb with him on a scout campout (like he does every so often) but this time it was backpacking. Derrick carried most of Caleb's things but he did give Caleb a little backpack with food and a change of clothes. Derrick said the hardest thing about bringing Caleb wasn't that Caleb got tired but that he wanted to stop and explore everything along the way. Luckily Caleb listened and marched on with the scouts. They had a great time!
 I mentioned last time about how Talia loves bike rides. Well, I caught her once in the garage just sitting in the bike trailer and when I saw her she smiled super big and was happy just to be sitting in it. Also, I think she is getting a taste for wearing dresses. This pic was not taken on a Sunday she handed that dress to me in the morning and when I asked her if she wanted to wear it she gave me her "yeah" sound with a nod.
 I also mentioned last time that Andrew came to visit. I was able to snap this pic of him with the kids on the day he left. Talia is unhappy here but she really did start to love him.
Talia does this funny walk every once in while. It's so funny!
 This last weekend we went camping as a family. Paul, Lynne, Scott, Julianne, Evan and Lisa joined us for dinner. The kids love camping (I'm still trying to understand why) and it was fun to see them so excited and talk about it afterward. Talia slept in a pack and play and she woke us all up bright and early.
 Here's the pic from first day of first grade:

  • Derrick was drinking Fresca. Talia wanted some. I told Derrick to let her have a sip just so we could see her reaction. She took a sip, had a confused look on her face, put her arms up and hesitantly said, "hot" in a confused voice. I couldn't even talk I was laughing so hard seeing her loss of expression for the carbonation she just experienced.
  • I signed Brynn up for a dance class. It doesn't start for another week and a half. So far she has told me she wants to practice and has asked me what to do. I told her I don't know. She was also washing her hair in the bath and told me she was scrubbing extra well so she could look good for dance class.
  • Caleb says that his first day of school was boring because there was a lot of talking and not a lot of working.
  • At stake conference they were doing the sustaining votes (you raise your hand in the air if you support what was proposed). Talia saw everyone raise their hand and put both of her arms in the air, looking around at everyone else. It was so adorable.
  • Brynn was talking about how we need water. Then she said, and I quote exactly, "Pee is our water. Poop is our food. I learned that at church." Now, I know there are sunbeam lessons about water and food but I highly doubt that's exactly what she was taught :)

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