Monday, June 1, 2015


 Because this was so long ago, I'll make this a short post. On April 7th Brynn turned 4. She had a Frozen birthday party. We had a scavenger hunt where I gave the girls clues and they had to find the Frozen characters hidden around the house. At each character was a prize for each girl. The cutest part was when I turned on the "Let it Go" video, gave each of the girls ribbon wands and let them sing and dance. Brynn loved dressing up as Elsa.

On April 11, Caleb turned 6. He was excited for his Ninjago (Lego Ninjas) birthday party. I had made origami throwing stars for the kids to decorate when they were done eating lunch. Then they threw the stars through hoops. We played Sensei Says (Simon Says). I made them balloon swords then then used those in spinjitzu training (put their heads on a bat to spin, then use their sword to knock over a cup on a chair). All the kids had fun and Caleb was happy to have a party for him. He felt special.

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