Thursday, April 23, 2015

Love, Snow, Legos, Tent

Talia loves her Daddy. Derrick has a hard time working with her around because he has to pick her up when she goes to him.
Talia was crying one night and we went into her. We had to get a picture of her with her daddy.
It is so interesting watching a child learn to walk. They try over and over no matter how many times they fall on their bums. She was worked hard and is great at it now.

In this picture I wanted to show how Talia often waves when she is looking into the living room from the stairs.

Caleb wrote "I Lov Mom" out of blocks and showed it to me. So sweet.
I've been teaching Talia "more" and "water" in sign language. At the end of this video she does her "more" sign. It's supposed to be tapping all your fingers together. She just uses one finger on each hand. She does the same thing with water. It's supposed to be 3 fingers near your mouth like a "W", she uses one finger.
We do this everyday. Talia gives the baby a hug, kiss and feeds her the bottle. Her kisses are big open lips and it's cute!
On Sunday morning a neighbor's cat was at our window. All the kids loved it, especially Talia.
 Here's Caleb's Lego submission for a contest in the Lego magazine. The challenge was to build a sand castle out of Legos. We added a joke to it: What did the boy say who dropped his Legos on the beach in California?
 The answer: San Di(L)ego or sandy Lego. Get it?

 We had about 9 inches of snow on April 15! We had fun with it.

So of course we had hot chocolate after playing in the snow.
We bought a family size tent. The kids are so excited to go camping this summer and they loved setting up the tent to see what it looked like.

  • Derrick was playing Ken and Brynn was playing Barbie. Derrick said, "I like your dress Barbie. Where did you get it?" Brynn said, "The doctor's office. I was really good so they gave it to me." I might also add that Ken and Barbie's date night included a fun game of Candyland.
  • Brynn often says she wants to be a mom just like me. One day she said, "I want to be a mom like you. Or, I could be your helper."
  • Another time when Brynn said she wanted to be a mom. Caleb responded, "I want to be a dad who goes to work. I also want to be in scouts when I get older." Just like Dad.

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