Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Time

 Cornbelly's is here again! The kids have been asking for it all year.

Brynn's preschool had a field trip to a family farm. It was a small version of Cornbelly's. Since Brynn is in afternoon preschool Caleb went too. The cutest thing was that Brynn would say hi to a few of her classmates, calling them by name. This is a quality I don't have and I love that she got it. I hope she keeps up her friendliness because I know it will help her in the future.
 Here's her most of her class and Caleb:
  And what would be a blog post without a picture of the cute baby?

I was getting Talia in this video but I'm glad I got Brynn. Here's one funny thing about her. She like to pretend to tie shoes but in the process she really knots them up and makes it hard for us to get them undone.
Talia laughed so hard at this at first but I didn't think to film it until she was almost over it. Oh, and you can see her in her  crawling position. She has actually made a little crawl not too long ago.
Brynn was trying to tell me about something her and Caleb did in the tent when they went camping a few weekends ago. It was funny hearing her explain it.
  • Brynn started singing a song. I started singing it and she told me to stop. I kept singing. She was coloring a picture at the time. Without looking up, and remaining calm, she said, "Mom, stop singing or I'm going to get really mad."
  • I have no idea where it comes from but Brynn is always saying, "I look like a beach dancer." She usually says it after she looks at herself in the mirror.
  • While riding her bike, a neighbor told Brynn she was doing a good job. Brynn said, "I know. I'm almost a big kid."
  • We went in to get our flu shots/sprays. Under 3 years they have to give a shot, 3 and older you can get the mist in your nose. When we were waiting in the exam room, while the assistant was preparing the shots, I told the kids that they could get the spray but Talia had to get a shot. Caleb kneeled on the ground right then and said a prayer asking for Talia to not hurt or cry when she got her shot. Brynn followed Caleb's example and did the exact same thing. And you know what? Talia cried when she got her shot but calmed down the second I picked her up. I think their prayers were answered.
  • Brynn prayed, "I'm thankful Caleb and I both have B's in our names."
  • On field trip days the kids wear their red preschool shirts. Brynn put it on and started crying telling me, "it's not pretty."
  • The kids are so used to hearing unique names that when Brynn heard the name "Ashley" for the first time she said, "Ashley. That's a pretty name." Also, whenever she plays with dolls, her favorite name to use is Jessica. There's definitely something to those names that made them super popular.

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