Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Time

We were The Simpson's for Halloween. How could we not be? We decided to do that about 2 days before the ward Halloween party. So, I went to Walmart and bought  the stuff for the costumes. Caleb's stuff I found in the boy section. My outfit and Brynn's are made of Men's active shirts. They were on clearance for $3 each. I had to be creative to make the 2 shirts I bought for my outfit work but it turned out pretty well.
 The funny thing is that for preschool Brynn was going to wear her Rapunzel costume from last year but when we put it on she started crying to take it off because it was too itchy. I told her she could wear her Lisa costume. She was more than happy to do that because she loved the beads and the fabric was super soft. Now, before I go further, we let the kids watch the most kid friendly episode of The Simpson's so they knew who they were dressing up as. When we pulled up to preschool I got Brynn out and explained to Ms. Nicole why Brynn was wearing a Lisa costume (group costume). Brynn told her that she watched that show. Well, it was true but it just sounded wrong. I guess it ended up being a funny story.

Caleb had fun being Bart and going along with all my picture poses:
 Caleb was trying to be silly here but they both have such great smiles:
 We can't forget little Maggie. For Talia's costume we just used an old shirt of Derrick's.

 We can't forget pictures of the pumpkins we made:

  I thought this picture was funny because I feel like Brynn's face matches the pumpkin. Haha...
 At Caleb's school they had a Halloween parade and then a party after where they played games, made crafts and ate cupcakes. I volunteered. It was fun to see and help all the kids.

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