Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun times!

Derrick left to speak at a conference for computer scientists in San Fransisco so I did some fun things with the kids. We went to the gardens on a perfect day. The kids loved it and there was almost no one there
 One night we went to the farm. The sheep were really loud that night, which wasn't normal. At one point we Brynn was standing right next to fence. A sheep walked up without her seeing and baa'd really loud. Brynn was so startled she put her hands over her head, ducked down then came up with tears in her eyes. She was legitimately scared. I picked her up and she calmed down but the whole night she kept saying, "The sheep are loud tonight." Once she said it while on the wagon ride and the driver told us it was the first day they were weaning the sheep from their lambs. Engorgement. No fun. Loud baa'ing explained.
This video shows Caleb's favorite part. The pieces have picture of food on them so the kids can harvest the food and put it on the truck. It's cute.
Caleb also went on a field trip this week to the fire station. Brynn and I came along (most of the parents do). While waiting for all the kids to get there the fireman (who is actually in our ward) was being funny and asking the kids all these questions of "Raise your hand if." At one point he said, "Raise your hand if you are the oldest kid in your family." Caleb didn't raise his hand. "Raise your hand if you're the youngest." Caleb raised his hand. "Raise your hand if you're somewhere in the middle." Caleb raised his hand again. It was really funny to see how confused the kids would get at some of the questions. The firefighter was totally playing off of that to make the parents laugh. It was a fun time.
I sing the song "Mother Dear" to Brynn changing the word, "Mother" to "Brynn". She loves that a song says her name in it. When I first started singing it to her she would have a sweet, satisfied smile. Now she enjoys singing it herself:

  • Brynn asked me to point where the baby was in my tummy. I showed her and she pointed there. Then she said, "Someday I'll have a baby in my tummy." I told her she probably would. Then Brynn said, "I love babies so much." If she is baby hungry at the age of 2, her future husband better watch out!
  • The next day Brynn declared, "I'm sick! I have a baby in my tummy."
  • At the farm Brynn asked what the name was of the pony she was riding on. I told her I didn't know and she said, "His name is Maximus (the horse from Tangled).

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