Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baby #3

Since I'm 12 weeks along and we've already told a lot of people, I'll put it in writing: We are expecting baby #3 on March 15.
We didn't plan on telling the kids for a while but when I was sick on the couch day after day I hated not telling Caleb the real reason why I was sick so we told them. Caleb has been super excited. Here are all the stories I've been waiting to share:
  • I was laying on the couch, sick, Brynn brought me her blankie and said, "This help you feel better."
  •  Caleb has been concerned about what to name the baby. I told him when we know if it is a boy or a girl then we can pick. He asked when we will know. I told him in about 10 weeks. He said, "That's a long time. Let's make a count down calendar." (He is big into those and no we didn't make one).
  • When I was 9 1/2 weeks along we were out front playing. Caleb goes over to two couples (our neighbors, one of whom was 9 months pregnant) and said, "My mommy has a baby in her tummy." One of the guys busted up laughing and one of the ladies told Caleb how great that was going to be. Like I said, Caleb is excited.
  • Caleb has prayed, "Please bless that the baby will come out before my birthday." (We tell him it will come before his birthday.
  • Brynn was playing with a Mommy, Daddy and baby zebra. Caleb saw what she was playing then he asked me if we could pretend the mommy zebra had a baby in her tummy. 
  • When I showed the kids the picture of the 10 week ultrasound and said it was a baby they stared at it blankly. I don't think they believed me. Though the next day, Brynn did point to the picture and said it was the baby.
I've been feeling better since I started taking Zofran for my morning sickness. The way it has worked for me has been if I keep a full stomach and don't move, I feel ok. I have gained like 8 pounds and that is depressing because I feel there is nothing I can do about it. It's either gain weight or be sick. 10 weeks of sickness is a long time and I'm so grateful to have some relief this time around.
Two days ago I woke up with my wrist hurting. It got worse all day long and I didn't help it by cutting up fabric. The pain spread around my wrist, up the back of my hand and up my arm. Even when I wasn't moving it was painful. I went into a doctor and was diagnosed with pregnancy induced tendonitis, inflammation of the tendon. I was given a wrist brace. I just couldn't use my right hand for a few days. It is getting better though.

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