Saturday, October 5, 2013

Creamery, Camping and Sewing

 Made this dress for Brynn. She was a perfect little model for my obsessive picture taking.

Wednesday the kids and I met Lynne at BYU. We fed the ducks and went on a walk. The ducks were really hungry that day and when Brynn started feeding them they grabbed the crackers right out of her hand (her hands being level with their beaks). She started crying and I held her while she fed them. At the end of feeding them she said, "The ducks won't eat me."
We then went on a walk and met Kent. Then we went to the Creamery and joined up with Lisa for dinner. The kids loved their food, especially the ice cream cone that came with the kids meal.
Friday night we got a campsite so the boys and Grandpa could spend the night. Brynn and I just went for the evening. Caleb was so excited to go and any time he talked about going he could hardly contain his excitement. We ate hot dogs and smores, threw rocks in the Jordan River and gave the kids glow sticks The kids also loved playing in the tent. It was a fun night.

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