Friday, August 23, 2013


Caleb had a chore chart for the summer and he finally finished it! His chore included: making bed, cleaning room, putting shoes away, wiping fridge, clearing his plate and cup and putting toys away. His reward was a Rescue Robot, that makes it his 4th Rescue Robot and now he will have enough so when his play group comes over each boy can play with one. Caleb has wanted that for a long time.
We also started potty training for Brynn. I made her a chart, let her pick out stickers to put on it (she picked Disney princesses), and a Rapunzel toy for when she goes 20 times in the potty. So far things haven't been going well. She knows right after she has peed but she doesn't know the feeling yet of needing to go. The only times she goes on the potty are when I put her little toliet in front of the tv and have her sit on it while she watches. Hopefully she starts to get the hang of it soon.

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