Saturday, August 3, 2013

Water and Song

The kids both got into the sprinkler one night and I just had to get some footage of it because it was so cute! They had fun and were freezing afterward. I only got video of Brynn because Caleb ran off with Derrick for a bit.

We've been wanting to get this on video for a long time. It is Brynn singing Ten Minutes Ago. You can't really hear her for the first 40 seconds because she is singing so quietly but then she gets really into it. Here's our little singer!
Story: We were at Ken Garff Ford having our tire looked at (had a staple in it). Caleb saw a mustang and said, "That's a really fast car." I told him, "Did you know that car is even faster than Daddy's!" (Caleb thinks Derrick's car is really fast). Caleb asked why it was faster. I told him because it had more cylinders. Caleb looked sad then firmly said, "I want it to have less cylinders so Daddy's car can win!" Derrick loved that.

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