Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ice Cream!

We just bought an ice cream maker and I am so excited to make all kinds yummy treats! Caleb has been loving it and he especially loves that it isn't very loud. When he was little he would crouch in terror and cry at loud sounds, now he just runs away.
The first time we made ice cream I grabbed a little spoonful and gave Brynn a bite without telling her what it was. The second she tasted it, her face lit up and said, "Ice cream!" That's my girl.
When Brynn says a pig noise it is the snorting through the nose. I have no idea where she picked it up because we didn't teach it to her. I've never seen Caleb do that either. I tried to get her to make that noise in this video but she got distracted by the camera. She was still so cute though, I had to include it:
We picked a jalapeno from our garden and it was sitting on our counter. Caleb picked it up and sucked on the outside. Derrick said, "Caleb you don't like that it's spicy." Caleb replied, "I don't like to eat it. I just like to suck on it." Silly kid.
Brynn loves to say, "I did it." She always says it at the right times too. It's cute. Also, she is starting to really love books. She will sit for a while and listen to them. She is at the sweetest age too. If I ever feel frustrated or sad or disappointed in myself for doing something wrong, I will hold her in my arms and soak in all her goodness. How could you not feel at peace holding someone so precious? When I am holding her in these times of sadness the spirit quickly overcomes me and I often cry because she makes me so happy. I know why Christ loves little children so much.

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