Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Party

Are they not the cutest Woody and Bo Peep you've ever seen? Brynn is finally starting to like the camera...yay! She was saying cheese right before this picture:
I was so happy with how her dress and bonnet turned out
 At the ward party we found a Buzz and Rex too. We tried to get Brynn in the picture but she was scared of the other boys. I don't get that, they are so cute!
Here's the family picture we got:

I was the lovely Katniss Everdeen! Did anyone just get that movie quote? I didn't even think to do her until 2 days ago when I realized I had everything for the outfit. It was perfect because a few people told me I really look like her. I attribute that to my brunetteness. I hated my hair as a child, I always wanted blond hair but I really love my dark brown hair now.
I even did the Katniss braid (we took the pic at the end of the night so it was kind of falling out). I was proud that I even got the cute twists in there.

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