Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Miss Brynn

Brynn isn't walking yet, and I think it will still be a while but her vocab is improving daily. Here are some regular sounds:
Nigh, nigh (night, night)
Meh, meh (meow, meow)
Ne Ne Ne Ne(no--usually repeated 4 times with shaking of the head)
No ma (Norma--the next door neighbor dog)
Seh, seh (Jesus--whenever she sees a picture of him she always says this. When she says it, it actually sounds a little like the name)

Brynn loves Caleb. Last weekend Caleb went on the Boy Scout campout with Derrick. While they were gone, Brynn didn't know what to do with herself when she was on the floor because she is so used to going to where Caleb was. It was pretty cute to see that she realized something was different, though I don't think she ever figured out what it was.

Brynn also loves to take everything out of the cabinets in our bathroom. It is nice that it distracts her so I can take a shower, we just have to be sure to keep all harmful things out of her way.

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