Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're Moving!

I've done a lot of posts in a row and this one had to get it's own post. We are moving to Utah! Derrick interviewed at a few companies and he got 2 great offers. One at a start up in downtown San Francisco and another for a small but growing company in Utah, Corda. We were completely torn and had a really hard time deciding where to go. At first we accepted the start up in SF because he's always wanted to do one and I wanted to support him even though I did not want to move close to the city.
A week after we accepted the offer, Corda wanted to give us a better offer. Derrick got a call from Josh James, the former CEO of Omniture (a company sold to Adobe for 1.8 billion) and the person who just bought Corda. After talking to Derrick for a few minutes he gave Derrick an offer we couldn't refuse. Not only was it a great offer but Josh told Derrick he would be there for him to help further along his career (that is invaluable). Derrick accepted the offer right there on the phone. It was very hard to call the SF company and tell them we were taking another offer because they had been so nice to us but we knew it was what was right for our family.
Tomorrow (Friday) is Derrick's last day at Microsoft. We will hit the road one week later.
We have felt so blessed in our lives for many reasons. We know that all our blessings come from a Father in Heaven who loves us and we are hoping we can do even more good knowing that we have just been given such a huge blessing.
In conclusion, we now get a good job and Utah! We are looking forward to being near family and buying a home (oh how I shout for joy). Utah here we come!


Yukiko said...

Joseph was wondering which one he'd choose. I'm sad to see you and your cute family leave, but super excited for your incredible opportunity. Keep in touch!

Tamra and Jeremy said...

Wow!!! Well, come on over! The weather is...wet. :) I'm excited for you guys. Woodland Park Primary will miss you tons, though... those poor kids keep losing their choristers to new places. Best of wishes in your move!

Angie said...

Glad the decision is made and you feel happy about it. Congratulations. I'm so jealous you get to buy a house!

Cassie said...

Oh, congratulations! I am so happy for you--and jealous about the "buying a house" part.