Thursday, May 19, 2011

We're Here

Well, we made it to Utah! After the grueling task of packing and cleaning we're here. Derrick's parents drove the truck rental with my car in tow; Derrick and I drove Derrick's car with the kids. Caleb and Brynn both did so well in the car! Caleb was only fussy outside of the car but almost never in it. Brynn slept the whole time. We couldn't be more lucky. None of us got very much sleep for about a week but that's all behind us now.
We are staying with Derrick's parents for now and the kids couldn't be happier about that either. Caleb loves everyone so much. Whenever Kent walks in the room he says, "Kent" with a smile. He knows Lisa will play with him and says her name well too. Grandpa is also a favorite but he's at work and they don't get to see each other as much as Caleb would like. Grandma is the best at reading books:

Brynn started being constantly fussy early this week but finally, since last night, she has been more content, saying lots of "ooo's" and smiling at you when you talk to her. She even rolled over from tummy to back twice this morning for the first time (6 weeks).

Since Monday, Derrick and I have been running around like crazy working out things to buy a home. We went house hunting on Monday and Tuesday and yesterday we put in an offer on a home. It is a short sale so we won't hear back for a little bit but we are excited about the home we found in Saratoga Springs. We really hope it works out.

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a.b.c said...

I still can't believe you guys aren't in California anymore! Hope you're enjoying Utah.