Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things to Remember

1. Two weeks ago we were at the grocery store. Caleb waved and said "hi" to everyone that looked at him. In the checkout line Caleb said "hi" to the lady behind us:
Caleb: Hi
Lady: Hi, what's your name?
Caleb: Kay Kay (this is how he always says his name)
Lady: I'm Joan. Are you out shopping with your mommy?
Caleb: (pointing to my chest) mama

2. Yesterday I get a phone call around 5pm when Caleb and I are walking in the house from our last outside trip for the day. Caleb is never happy to come back home because he loves being outside so much. I turn on the lights put Caleb inside the house, close the door and I stand outside to talk on the phone because I couldn't hear over Caleb's crying protest to stay outside. After a minute Caleb is quiet but I stay outside. Then I see Caleb at the window. He looks at me, waves, and smiles really big like he was saying, "I found you."
Caleb disappears again. He comes back to the window holding the prescription hand cream box I had just picked up that day. Earlier I had told him not to get into the bag with the cream in it. When he held up the box he smiled really big again, shaking the box, it was like he was saying, "I got this even though you didn't want me to." Then he opens the box and pulls out the tube. Showing that to me too. The look on his face was priceless. That memory made me smile many times last night.

3. When Caleb wakes up, Derrick and I like to get him and bring him back into bed with us. However, Caleb is not very fond of sitting or laying still (I'm still waiting for a day when he will snuggle with me for more than 5 seconds). He will have us put him on the floor then he tells us "dow" for us to get down too. One morning when Caleb did this, Derrick sat up and turned to dangle his feet only inches from the ground. Caleb grabbed both of Derrick's feet and pushed them to the ground. Caleb means business when it comes to getting us out of bed.

4. Caleb loves this guy in our apartment complex named Doug. The things Caleb likes about him are: he makes funny faces at Caleb, plays peek-a-boo with him, does a funny dance for him that looks a little like an irish jig and says Caleb's name really deep. This morning Caleb saw Doug about 30 yards away on the other side of the parking lot. Caleb said, "Doug," then imitated Doug's dance and ran to him. It was so funny.

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Angie said...

I love the hand cream story! That is hilarious! Betcha that made you end your phone call quick, huh? Funny.