Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Party, Treats and Presents

For a month now I've been hyping up Caleb for Santa. I got books from the library with Santa, found a video with Elmo and Santa and point out Santa pictures in all the stores. I though Caleb would be prepared for meeting him but I was wrong! Caleb was really nervous walking up to him but he would stand next to him and let Santa talk to him. See:

As soon as we tried to get Caleb close to Santa for a picture the situation turned from this:

To this:

Oh well, at least he made one friend:

That night I was a part of the entertainment. After leading the children in Jingle Bells and Silent Night I played a duet that I had played with my piano teacher in high school. My mom wanted us to film it so here's a little over a minute of the song. While Derrick was filming Caleb pointed to the screen and said, "Mom." He was excited to see his mom playing, which makes me happy.

Caleb got a nativity set in the mail from his Grandma Isaacson and he was so excited to get it open:

Caleb has also been enjoying the treats of the season. Here Caleb is sporting chocolate:

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