Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas in San Diego

This outfit was one of Caleb's presents from his Gram. I love it!
Christmas day we had omlets for breakfast, opened presents and went over to my aunt and uncle's house for Christmas dinner. Caleb wasn't too into opening presents on Christmas morning but when we got home and had more to open from Grandma and Grandpa Isaacson he wanted to be the one to open every present (and of course we let him).

We also drove up to Huntington Beach and Caleb's favorite part was looking at the Christmas lights:

Caleb also loved playing Andrew's uklele. He kept calling it a guitar.

One day my mom and the three of us went to the San Diego Air and Space museum. Derrick was like a kid in a candy store because he loves planes and history. Caleb liked the helicopter you could climb in. I thought it was cool that they had the Red Barron's metals.

Caleb also was taken to the park a few times. He played on the playground, saw ducks and ran around like the crazy boy he is.

Derrick and I had a good time too. Our first day there we went to the temple together...our first time back to the San Diego Temple since we were married. It was very special.
We also went on a date for lunch and a movie. We saw Harry Potter and it worked out perfect because we finished reading the last three pages of the 7th book that encompassed the movie while in the theater. We loved having babysitters for Caleb!
It was a great vacation!

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