Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Someone has an ear infection

If you were thinking Caleb, you were wrong. I'm the one with the ear infection! I felt it a few days ago for about a day and then it went away. Last night however, I woke up to really bad pain in my ear. I couldn't sleep and it took a little too long for pain killers to kick in. I went to the doctor today and sure enough, an ear infection it is. I guess it happens a lot with swimmers. I don't swim but almost every time I'm in the shower I rinse out my ears. I don't like ear wax at all so I always try to clean it out with water but I guess that is the wrong thing to do. So, if you do that like me, stop! You do not want to feel the pain I felt last night. It hurts! At least I know now how bad it feels and when I do suspect Caleb has it I'm going to be giving him children's tylenol and taking him in to the doctor right away. Hopefully these ear drops I'm using will make me better soon!

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