Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cell Phone Uploads

Caution: loooooong post!!! If you choose to look at one thing, make it the first two videos half way down, they are recent happenings.
We just uploaded a ton of videos and pictures from Derrick's cell phone. We haven't done that in a really long time. They are very grainy but you can still get the picture :)
I always start with Caleb so this time I'm starting with the funny stuff. Here we have a picture of a sign that is prominently displayed in front of a hotel on a main street. VCRs? Really guys?

Here's a sign we saw in front of Hollywood Video a few months back. If you want free kids you know where to go. Right now they are going out of business so hurry up if you want one! (Though they probably won't be as cute) I'd get on that deal and quick!

Ok, now the cuteness. If we ever need Caleb out of our hair for a few minutes we let him go through my make up. It keeps him occupied better than anything.

Best picture we have of these four. Caleb was not liking the picture idea but he did love crawling all over the table. But doesn't Lily look happy to be hugging Caleb?

Ho ho ho!!!

I love Mom and Dad!

Sleeping baby

Happy baby.

After being afraid of going down the slide by himself for weeks, he became brave and found that he loved going down the slide. Caleb and I did this for like 20 minutes--he would go up the stairs then I'd catch him at the bottom of the slide. When Derrick got home from work I showed him and he took this video:

This was about three weeks earlier when Caleb first learned how to climb up the steps quickly.

Caleb loves to pull down Derrick's ties

Funny laugh from a form of peek a boo (probably about 2 months ago)

I put this in here to remember how Caleb always holds out his arms. Wouldn't that get tiring after a while?

Caleb laughs hard at a funny noise (sometime in Nov.)

Daddy playing with Caleb (probably around Sept.)

This is when we were on a car ride sometime in September when we were visiting my family. (Sorry, the program I normally use to turn videos the right way doesn't let me do the ones from the cell phone)

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