Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Caleb

Dear Grandma and Aunt Julie,
I miss you so much already. Thanks for visiting our family!

Aunt Julie took such fun pictures at the cactus gardens on Stanford campus.

Grandma played with me a lot. A few things she did included:
-Singing to me
-Reading books
-Teaching me how to love my blankie
-She even let me pull the tissues out of the box:
Aunt Julie was fun too; she:
-Took me down the slides at the playground
-Brought me over to some dogs so I could pet them (I love dogs!)
-Went on a jog with Dad and me
-Danced with me while playing fun songs
We also went out to dinner at Maggianos where I enjoyed eating ice, staring at the waiters, trying to get out of my high chair and eating some grown up food. When I got bored, Grandma and Aunt Julie took turns taking me outside.
Even though I was sick with croup the whole time you were here, I'm very happy you came. I am still coughing and my nose runs a lot but when mommy distracts me I feel better. Mommy and Daddy also bought me a humidifier last night so that is helping me a little bit.
I hope we can see you again soon!
Love, Caleb

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