Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gotta Love Him

Too Cute!
Caleb's bedroom floor always looks like this (on the right). We just keep the toys on the floor all the time. He mostly likes to suck on them like in the picture on the left.
Valentines Day
For Valentines Day Grandma Isaacson sent Caleb a homemade toy. It is can filled with milk jug tops. The top of the can has a slit in it so you can put the tops in it. Caleb loves to chew on the tops.
Caleb and I made Derrick Valentine cards with a "hand" theme. Caleb's said, "Hands down, your the best dad. Happy Valentines Day." I traced Caleb's hand on it, which was no small task.
Mine said, "I love you and your soft hands. Let keep them that way." For his gift I got him lifting gloves for the gym. He has been wanting them for a long time now.
Derrick got me maise. Yep, that's right, maise. And chocolate. When I told him he needed to tell me he got that for me because he loved me so much he didn't want me to get hurt he replied, "The gift says it all."

Then today, we got this bear in the mail from Grandma Isaacson. This isn't on the video but it sings "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" and it's cheeks light up red. Caleb loved this more than anything I've ever seen him love! It arrived on our front door right when we were sitting down to dinner. Caleb was refusing his food but if we had the bear on he would eat. If it wasn't going he wouldn't eat but when we turned it on again, he would eat. Then after dinner he just sat holding it and staring at it and touching it. What a great gift! Thanks Grandma!

Just like us
Caleb loves the bathroom. Maybe it's because we don't let him go there very often. There are three things about this video: 1. Caleb sees us flush the toliet and he knows we're doing something with the handle so he's trying to do what we do. 2. The noise he is making is so funny. He makes it quite often. 3. Note the toliet paper. Caleb loves to unravel it, so I'm always rolling it back up.

I'm ready for my close up

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