Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nursery...almost done

I went to Michael's yesterday and got these letters and stuff to make these lambs. All I used was cardboard, felt, yarn and glue. I felt so crafty making them. I also felt a little pain too. I totally gouged my left palm when I was cutting the cardboard. It doesn't look bad but it's kind of deep. That's ok because I like how the lambs turned out so it was worth it :)

On the wall above the crib I still want to put this picture of Christ as the Good Shepherd. It's my favorite!

Above is a little container with lambs on it. It is going to be our dresser for now. I love the cute stuffed lambs we got!

Here is the glider we just matches the crib perfectly! We ordered it online for in-store pick up so we won't get it for another week or two but I'm excited!


Kimberlee said...

Everything looks so's getting close to crunch time, isn't it? Good luck with everything.

Cassie said...

Oh my, what a cute nursery idea! I love the Good Shepherd picture and your hand made lambs are super cute. Great job and good luck counting down the days!!!