Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Caleb Derrick Isaacson...the first days of life

Well, he's finally here. The sweet little addition to our family. Saturday morning I woke up to contractions. I didn't know that's what they were at first but we figured that out soon enough. We got to the hospital at 2:30pm and when they checked me I was 6cm dilated but since my water hadn't broken yet she could stretch me to 9cm. I got an epidural and as soon as that kicked in I felt no pain whatsoever. It was amazing! I'd recommend it to anyone. Here's us after I got the epidural.

After a little bit of time they broke my water and I quickly got to 10cm. This is the amazing part--I pushed for a total of 13 minutes and through 4 contractions. Again, no pain at all. They told me not to tell anyone that it was so easy because most women don't have it that easy. He was born at 6:28pm. As soon as he came out he was peeing all over the doctor, then they put him on my chest and he peed all over my arm too. He was crying and crying but I was so happy to see him. I was totally crying at that point because I was so overjoyed to see my baby here and healthy.

They cleaned him up, weighed him in at 7 lbs 14 oz and measured him at 21 inches.

Then they took me to my room and then Derrick went to the nursery where they were bathing Caleb, putting up on the security device and clothing him. When they broug ht him back to me I loved holding him. It's hard to believe he is my baby. Derrick and I are totally in love with him. We think he is so cute especially when he's awake and his big blue eyes are looking at you. This is my favorite video of him.

We had a bit of a rough time at the hospital since we had a shared room and the baby next door screamed the entire night. Even though Caleb slept for a few hours we couldn't enjoy that time to sleep. That was frustrating. Also, we had a hard time with eating. Before we left the hospital he dropped down to 7 lbs 1 oz. The doctor was a little worried because that's a little more weight than is normal to lose. She told us to rent an electric pump and after he's done with a feeding give him a little more with a syringe and then have a check up the next day to see if he's doing better. I felt totally sad because I felt like I was doing a bad job and frustrated because I didn't know how to help him latch on.

We left the hospital Monday evening and had to stop at the drug store to pick up my pain meds and then at another store to get the pump. Caleb slept the whole time and even through us making dinner. He woke up right when we finished eating...what a good boy. However, we were then up almost the whole night for one reason or another. After many hours of me being up with him Derrick offered to watch him and let me sleep. When I woke up Derrick was really happy and he said how he just had quality father son time. I am so glad that I have Derrick home to help me. There is no way I could get through this early stage alone.
On Tuesday we went to the doctor's office and Caleb gained 3 oz. Yay!!! He's doing so much better with feedings and I felt a lot better when I heard he was gaining weight.

Here's Caleb in his lamb seat. My mom gave it to us and I'm so glad we have it because he'll sleep for 4 hours straight in it...what a life saver.


Weston said...

That's what heaven smells like...

Holly & Matt said...

Oh my goodness, congratulations! He is so cute and he looks so big and strong! I'm glad to hear your delivery went so well- it gives me hope :)I love all the pictures of you guys. I was practically weeping the whole time I was reading your post and looking at pictures.. He is so precious and beautiful and that video where his eyes are open is so cute! He seems so alert and smart already!