Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doctor Appointment, Moving and Stretch Marks

I had a doctors appointment on Friday. The doctor said I'm a good 1 1/2 cm dilated and the baby is really low. She said she was surprised I wasn't waddling more when I walked and whenever the baby decides to press the button he will be ready to come. I told her my husband didn't want the baby to come for about another week (so he can get more done at work before paternity leave). She said that he better not have me doing any lifting or hard work then.

Well, guess what Derrick and I did on Tuesday night? We picked up a desk and tv we found on craigslist. I didn't help with moving them into the car because the people we bought them from helped Derrick with that. But what to do when you get to the apartment? You guessed it, I helped Derrick lug a desk up the stairs and then a 92 pound tv.

Another thing, I have really bad stretch marks. They keep getting worse and I can feel when I'm getting more of them. Cocoa butter did not work for me! I told Derrick that hopefully my stomach losing it's cuteness will just go into the baby being more cute. That's how it works right?

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Cecy said...

Hey Danielle! It was good to hear an update. I can't believe you are lifting! I hope everything's goine great, I'll get in touch soon! Love, Cecy