Friday, March 6, 2009

Mom's Visit

My mom came up last weekend for my baby shower. We were really busy doing a lot of fun things. Thursday night when she got here I showed her the apartment we're moving into in 2 weeks. On Friday Derrick, my mom and I biked around Stanford campus. First we stopped at the Hoover tower followed by lunch at a yummy frozen yogurt place called Fraiche. My mom said the last time she had yogurt that tasted like that it was in high school. I was glad we could bring back a memory from her past. Then we biked over to the Stanford Church where we walked around the inside. Every time I see it I can't believe how beautiful those windows and tile pictures are. We all loved it.

After the art museum Derrick stayed home to do homework and my mom and I went to the Winchester mansion. It was a crazy place and definitely interesting to walk around. They said at the end we had walked over a mile and through 110 rooms. After that we went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.

You're probably thinking this is the last of the Friday activities but there's more...after dinner we picked up Derrick and went to the Stanford theater to watch an old sci-fi movie. We got in free because our housing complex was putting on the activity...not only a free ticket but free snacks too! Can't get any better than that.

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Holly & Matt said...

Oh the Winchester Mansion! I saw a thing about that on the travel channel or something. So cool, I'll have to go see it sometime. It sounds like you had a really fun weekend! I'm jealous.. All I do is homework.