Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Grandbaby having First Great-Grandbaby

Here's the picture of the exact moment when my parents told my mom's parents that Derrick and I were going to have a baby. My dad just e-mailed it to me and I thought it was the cutest picture. The first words out of my grandma's mouth were, "Five generations of girls!" She couldn't be convinced that we could be having a boy. My great grandma is living in Pennsylvania and turning 95 next year. We already have the 4 generation picture and wouldn't it be awesome if we could make it 5?

We were able to get a good picture because the news was let out at the end of my cousin's wedding day (I realized that sounds like it could be a bad thing but it wasn't at all). My cousin used the same photographer we had for our wedding. So, when my parent's asked if he could take a picture of my grandparents, he was happy to.

Next week on Friday we find out if we're having a boy or a girl!!!


The Kingstons said...
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The Kingstons said...

Yeah!! That was at my wedding!! I sent you the links for those pics... I'm glad you got them haha