Saturday, February 28, 2015

Valentine's and more

The kids told us they were searching for buried treasure. Caleb was telling Brynn, "When you find treasure, you don't just find a little, you find a lot!" He said to me later, "If we find treasure, we could buy an airplane huh?" *Sigh.
 The night before Valentine's Day I left this note for the kids to find in the morning:

The next morning I heard the kids downstairs. I went down and Caleb excitedly showed me his note:
 How sweet that he copied my note (notice the "and" symbol I used, and his copy of it between Mommy and Daddy). He also took the word "valentine" and added in the sol, la, ti, do like he does in his music class with a song about Valentines.
Brynn also had a Valentine note ready for me. She told me it says, "I hope you have fun on your date tonight when you leave me here." Brynn always scribbles on paper like this, except she will do it until there is no room left. She concentrates when she does it. Derrick says it reminds him of "A Beautiful Mind."
 For our date that night Derrick and I went on a bike ride, to Panda Express for dinner then out for a movie. We loved doing the bike ride and want to do that again sometime.
 The kids love daddy time. They can't get enough of it.
The big pink pony here has earrings. Brynn is so creative!
 Talia loves her brother:
She also loves seeing animals. Here's where she was watching a kitty.

  • Brynn said to me a few nights ago, "I'm cool and you're cool Mommy. You're cool right now because you're being nice to me."
  • There was a pancake dinner fundraiser at Caleb's school. They served the syrup in little condiment cups. Brynn started to drink hers and I had to tell her to stop. At bedtime, Brynn asked me sweetly, "Mommy, why didn't you let me drink the syrup?" I explained there was too much sugar in it.
  • Before the pancake dinner Caleb told me it was going to take place in the CafĂ© Rio. I knew it was going to be in the cafeteria so knew what he meant. So funny.
  • When we finally got our ceiling fixed Brynn was happy to no longer see the insulation. When she tried to pray about this it didn't quite come out that way though. Brynn prayed, "We're thankful that we have no more inspiration."
  • Another thing Brynn said in one of her prayers was, "Please help my hair that it won't be crazy today." 
  • The kids recently started saying "butt" instead of the usual "bum". I've told them I want them to say "bum" instead because it's a nicer word. One night Brynn used the word "bum". She looked at me and said, "Bum is a good word." She then looked up at the ceiling and thoughtfully said, "What's another good word that's a bad word? Hmmm." She sat there thinking about it for 10 seconds or so until I moved us to a different subject.

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