Monday, February 2, 2015

The past month

Kent gave the kids kinetic sand for Christmas. Brynn played with nothing else for about 2 days. They still like it.
 When I saw Talia find a paper clip on the floor I had to take a picture of her and send Derrick The Office quote, "Oh, it's ok. I have tons."
 Caleb's involved with a Jazz Reading contest at school. The top five kids (who read the most minutes per week) in each class get to pick a prize. Caleb was the top reading person and picked a water bottle he could bring to school.
 When I took the above picture, Brynn said, "I want to be in a picture." So she got next to Caleb and said, "Make a funny face."
 Talia, like all babies who crawl, loves to get into the trash. This is the funniest thing I caught her with:
Caleb always runs to the truck after kindergarten. I happened to have the camera with me and I thought I'd take a picture to remember how excited he gets to run to mom. Kindergartners are adorable in their enthusiasm.
There's a new equipment at our park. The kids liked it even though Brynn fell off it 3 times, getting a good scratch on her chin. They have a zip swing too that is a big hit with the kids.
On Sunday morning all three kids were playing together! It was the cutest thing. I had to start filming. I love the part when Caleb tells Brynn to be careful of Talia's fingers because the toy could pinch her. He's always looking out for her, and I love that this video shows that.

I had Brynn explain her show and tell bag to me:

Talia loves our Beta fish

  • For fun, Derrick and Caleb like to look at planes for sale. Caleb gets really into it and the rest of the night he can't think about anything else. In general, he comes up with thoughtful questions about how things work. With the plane he asked, "How does it take off?" Derrick answered his question literally. He said, "How will it not run into anything?" He thought that if you bought a plane it stayed at your house. He was worried about taking off from the street. He also asked about if the plane is sold, what would happen if someone else saw the pictures online and bought it. We had to explain they take the pictures down when someone buys it.
  • We went out to eat at Chili's as a family. We were giving Talia pieces of french fries and I noticed the piece in her mouth was a little too big and I told Derrick to pull it out. When he tried to pull it out Talia got a death grip with her teeth. 
  • Brynn wasn't eating her dinner but she snuck a piece of candy under the table. Derrick later found the wrapper and asked her, "Who ate this?" Brynn looked him right in the eye and said, "I didn't eat it." Unlike Caleb, she has no conscience when it comes to lying to save her own skin. This often ends up being a very frustrating thing for Caleb.
  • We had some flooding between floors. When we opened up the roof, we had the workers add insulation to prevent the problem of freezing pipes. When Caleb came home from school and saw pink insulation, he said, "It's pink. I hate pink." Good thing we won't be seeing it.

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