Friday, August 22, 2014

A few stories

Stories (from about a month ago):
  • Derrick was telling the kids the Tower of Babel/Brother of Jared story and had the kids used stuffed animals to act out the story. Derrick explained how the Brother of Jared and his family had to leave so they went into the wilderness, camped in tents, kept traveling until... Brynn yelled, "Wait!" at that point. She said, "They need to eat marshmallows first." If you sleep in a tent you have to have marshmallows :)
  • I was holding Talia face forward. Brynn was in front of us going up the stairs like a frog saying, "Ribbit." Talia just started laughing. It was cute.
  • When Derrick had just had his knee surgery he got the chills and said he needed a blanket. Brynn who was holding her blankie at the time started walking toward Derrick and said, "You can use my blankie." She stopped herself, pulled the blankie back to her and quickly said, "You can't have my blankie."
  • Brynn was playing with Flynn Ryder and Cinderella dolls. I said, "Flynn, who's your girl friend?" Brynn said in her deep voice, "Cinderella. I couldn't find Tangled."

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